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About Vector World

Graphic design is a profession that is constantly changing and evolving at a rapid pace, school systems are not so fast as to
keep up with all these changes. These changes directly affect the labor market because graduates are expected to possess
knowledge that is currently current and in demand. That is why innovations are needed in school systems that will keep
graphic design in step with the times. Creating an international curriculum obtained by a detailed analysis of the
and labor market in these countries preceded by a digital textbook that will be used as a methodological aid to teachers in
The aim of the project is to improve the teaching of professional subjects of graphic design adapted to the labor market in
partner schools in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Portugal.
The specific objectives are:
Detailed analysis of curricula for professional subjects of graphic design in these four countries, highlighting good
and shortcomings in the effort to develop modern teaching.
Creating a digital textbook for the subject of graphic design that is adapted to the labor market and current software
Improving teachers' knowledge and software skills.
Establishing a network between schools in order to cooperate and improve teaching.
The activities of this project are:
Detailed six-month curriculum analysis in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Portugal.
Writing a digital graphic design manual that will have a customized content to the labor market and modern software.
Training for teachers to improve knowledge and software skills as well as the use of the newly created manual.
Testing of textbooks in the form of five-day classes of all partner schools.
Conference to promote analysis and manuals.
Promotion of the manual through the media, the Internet, eTwining events and meetings.
The realization of this project will primarily contribute to a better understanding of the current situation in the teaching of
group subjects and point out the shortcomings of parts of the curriculum that need to be upgraded, updated and adapted to
the labor market and current software used for work. The creation of a digital manual that has not existed in teaching so far
in this content with video lessons will bring refreshment to the school system. This innovation will also have a positive
on teachers who will improve their knowledge and skills, which they will pass on to future generations. We also expect
the analysis we conducted will affect other educational institutions in these countries in the systemic changes of plans and
With this project, we expect to achieve a continuation of the network of partnerships with future partners, which will
cooperate in the future and after the completion in the improvement of teaching and cultural events. And as the most
important result of this project that we expect is the improvement of students' knowledge and the availability of textbooks
that they will use in teaching.

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